General Raid Mission

We are not elitists. We are not ragers. We are mature, experienced raiders that down content at our own pace.

Our goal for every progression raid is to down every bit of content that's available before the next patch that extends it. For example, our goal for 2.0 is to down Turn 5 BC before 2.2 extends it. Our goal for 2.1 will be to finish Crystal Tower up until 2.3 extends it.

We raid 3 times a week for up to three hours each session. The third raid is always optional, but encouraged. See the calendar for details.


We employ a Loot Council method for all raid drops. We try to make our raiding groups as diverse as possible for multiple reasons, but one of them is to avoid as much loot controversy as possible.

Here are the factors we take into account when we consider who will get a drop:

  1. Attendance: We consider people who are consistently online and ready for raids above people who are late or no-shows. Even if you are not always brought into the main group for a raid, we take notice if you're an alternate that is ready to go if we need you.
  2. Upgrade: We will sometimes consider who will benefit more from a piece of loot when breaking a tie.
  3. Alt Jobs: If no mains want a drop, players with alt jobs at level 50 will be given the next priority.
  4. Greed: Greed is the last resort.

Farm Groups

For raiding certain zones that are considered "on farm" we will usually have players who don't need any more drops from that zone sit out and let others join instead. The only thing they lose is a couple Myth tomes after all. Be advised that players who sit for this purpose still get put back in for the next zone they want gear from, and no one is forced to give up their spot if they don't want to.